Bitcoin Podcaster Peter McCormack Says BTC All-Time High Is Coming

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The coming altcoin news show many analysts stating that the altseason is coming. As these crypto analysts pontificate that the altcoin season will soon arrive, the Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack has one simple message – “Don’t hold your breath.”

Also known as the “What Bitcoin Did” host, McCormack went on a Twitter rampage this week and advanced the notion that Bitcoin will obliterate the rest of the crypto market. As the latest cryptocurrency news show, the altcoins are declining way more than Bitcoin.

The series of altcoin-hating tweets began when the Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack mentioned Bitcoin’s top rival, Ethereum.

This was what kicked off a discussion in the altcoin news and what made the Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack all warmed up. He quickly rattled off five more tweets about the same issue. In one of them, he continued his promotion of the number one cryptocurrency by stating “Bitcoin new ATH by the end of summer or I’ll delete @APompliano’s account.�

Obviously, his tweet was humorous so that his followers won’t take it too seriously. However, it seems that the host of the podcast is bullish on Bitcoin and thinks that the cryptocurrency is heading for new highs – which is why he said ATH (all time high) is coming soon.

Many best cryptocurrency news sites featured his tweet. Three minutes after it was posted, he also posted an image of a Lamborghini Huracan Performance and said that he is getting it, after which he added: “This one. Bite me.”

The Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack blasted the altcoins after hyping Bitcoin. In one of his most recent tweets, he thrashed the altcoins by writing that “alts are junk” and that “2017 was a one off, we were clueless.”

The tweet ended with a strong statement that supports Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin podcaster ended his tweet rampage by bashing Ethereum holders again – writing that “Liking ETH is okay, we can still be friends. Some of my friends eat Tofurky and we still get along.â€�

For those of you who don’t know, tofurky is a combination of tofu and wheat protein created as a vegetarian substitute for turkey. His inference was clear.

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