Bitmain launches New Set of Efficient Miners


  • Bitmain has added two new Bitcoin miners S17e and T17e
  • These miners are new additions to the already existing S17 series
  • The new models will be sold in three batched starting September 11th

Bitmain, the biggest name in cryptocurrency mining, recently announced the release of two new editions to the already existing S17 series of bitcoin miners. The S17 class was released in March this year as an update to the S15 series, to cope up with the increasing hash rate and difficulty of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Under the Antminer S17 series there are three models – Antminer S17 Pro, Antminer S17, and Antminer T17.

Being Ahead in the Game

With the bitcoin blockchain’s total hash rate on its way to reach a quadrillion hashes (10^15) or 100,000 Tera hashes soon, it is obvious that the difficulty of mining a block will rise along with it. To cope up with the ever increasing demand for efficiency and speed, it is important for the innovators to find new and better means of making calculation before their current machines become obsolete in the new paradigm.

The new miners, S17e and T17e boast a new improved hash rate of 64 TH/s and 53 TH/s respectively, with much greater power efficiency than its predecessors. This will help miners pool together and make more calculations per second than their competitors, hereby increasing the chance of finding a block.

The miners are open for order and will be delivered in three separate batched. The first batch opening on 9th September will deliver in the first week of November. The second batch opening on the 10th will start its delivery on the second week and so on until the third and final batch is delivered.

With this, Bitmain has officially increased its production capacity up by 50%. This will increase the dominance of Bitman in the mining market and cement its status as the biggest player in bitcoin’s propagation.

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