Make Way for Brave


  • Brave Browser was recently seen at the top of the Japanese Google Play Store
  • The nearest competitor, Mozilla was at the 14th position
  • This has sparked new cryptocurrency interest in Japan

Brave Browser, the brain child of Mozilla ex-CEO Brendan Eich, was recently seen at the top on Japan’s Android Play Store. Brave is the world’s first browser supported by cryptocurrency. It is built in the Basic Attention Token (BAT), a cryptocurrency to remunerate content creators.

Brave lead the way in Japan, with a new personal record of 2 million downloads last month, compared to Opera’s 1 million and Firefox’s 533,000. This comes as a huge push towards the adoption of Brave and cryptocurrency in general. One can see that with a population of 126 million, 2 million monthly downloads is pretty huge.

A user on reddit under the tag u/Wega58 took it to reddit to announce this amazing feat. The user claimed his admiration towards the browser’s growing adoption rate and how it reflects on the country.

With Wikipedia coming under its umbrella of websites supporting Brave, and with Japan’s peaking interest, it is reasonable to assume Brave Browser and its team has been doing quite well for themselves.

Brave’s promise for being a privacy-centric browser, its support for cryptocurrency to remunerate content producers, its efficiency in developing timely updates and its ability to block unwanted ads are just some of the reasons why users are continuously opting to use Brave. It is to be noted that Brave spends nothing on its marketing when compared to the giants like Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Seeing that it has managed to outrun all three of them establishes  the rapid adoption curve that awaits Brave.

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