CNN Featured A Bitcoin Proponent In Its Week-Long Series

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The Bitcoin price has been a main topic in the latest cryptocurrency news. In times when Bitcoin is trading in the $10,000 region, news show that CNN featured a Bitcoin proponent who said a lot of interesting things regarding the most dominant cryptocurrency.

CNBC covered Bitcoin earlier this year and around the crypto market and its latest local top. The news network covered Bitcoin during three television segments in a single day, showing that the cryptocurrency had once again become a topic of interest for investors. This is what inspired another local TV network – and how CNN featured a Bitcoin proponent in its series.

As it stands, CNN is hopping on the crypto train. According to the anchor named Julia Chatterley, the outlet’s “First Move” is now hosting a week long series on the industry which has been fittingly dubbed “Crypto Crazy.” On Monday, Chatterley brought the prominent analyst and podcaster named Luke “Venture Coinist” Martin to talk about Bitcoin.

CNN featured the analyst named Venture Coinist, asking him a lot about BTC. According to Chatterley, cryptocurrencies are hard to understand and comprehend for most individuals who are not involve in either technology or finance. This is why the host directed Martin to “separate crypto fact from fiction” and debunk popular misconceptions about the industry.

The analyst mentioned a lot of misconceptions while CNN featured a lot of different aspects on Bitcoin. For example, he was shared on many best cryptocurrency news sites for mentioning the asset class and how it was referenced by the President Donald Trump & Co. – along with the idea that regulations will kill cryptocurrencies and the theory that the asset class is perfect for criminals to use.

Even though the segment went over the heads of the viewers, CNN featured this analyst in order to inform the baby boomers (which are a dominant viewership category) about Bitcoin. Martin’s appearance and the “Crypto Crazy” segments, in that manner, potentially triggered more viewers to read about the latest Bitcoin and altcoin news and bring further credibility to this industry.

Even though Martin’s segment was broadcasted to tens of thousands of consumer viewers as CNN featured the interview with him live and on the social streams, data shows that there is still a huge absence of retail investors involved in Bitcoin (BTC) right now.

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