CJ Korea Develops A Blockchain-Based Music Copyright System


One of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, CJ Korea, is developing a blockchain-based music copyright management system that uses the AWS’ Amazon Managed Blockchain Service as local media outlets show.

As the Korean news agency Yonhap said in a report on Thursday which made the altcoin news, the initiative is being led by CJ OliveNetworks which is a subsidiary of the CJ Corp parent company that operates the beauty retail and technology business of the conglomerate.

Many best cryptocurrency news sites reported about CJ Korea too, saying that the digital copyright system is unique in many ways. The system will apparently keep a history of the broadcasting of copyrighted songs and store the information on the blockchain.

The goal of CJ Korea is to allow the owners and users of the material to share the resulting ledger and arrive at an equitable payment scheme which will be set up for the use of the intellectual property management system.

“It is very important to have a system that guarantees fairness and transparency among copyright stakeholders,� said Kim Eung-do, the director of the DT Convergence Research Institute at CJ OliveNetworks in a report which was published in the business outlet Hankyung.

As he also noted, “the blockchain-based copyright management system will greatly contribute to improving the copyright management process.â€� Meanwhile, CJ Korea is South Korea’s 14 largest conglomerate and has 31 trillion won ($25.9 billion) in assets as the latest Fair Trade Commission data report shows. The business lines include everything from food and beverage to logistics, beauty stores, IT, entertainment and a cinema chain.

On the other hand, the latest cryptocurrency news show that CJ OliveNetworks operates OliveYoung, who is one of the country’s K-beauty leaders. He has an IT division doing everything from Internet of Things (IoT) to cloud computing to Big Data. However, a decision was announced in April to split the two and transfer the IT division to CJ Korea Corp.

Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services (AWS) became available in Korea in 2016.  2019 was the year when it started offering the Managed Blockchain to the public, following the introduction of the service back in 2018. So far, AT&T, Nestle and Accenture are among the respected clients of the service.

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