LATOKEN lists TrueGoldCoin, Creatanium, Exraya, LOLTOKEN, BitCNY, Karuschain

LATOKEN continues to add new tokens to the exchange. Here is what’s new: TrueGoldCoin, BitCNY, Creatanium, Exraya, LOLTOKEN.

Also, Karuschain IEO soon will be started on LATOKEN.

TrueGoldCoin (TGC)

The project pretends to save thousands of acres of mining rights from dangerous environmental practices, and pursue a responsible, and highly technological approach to it while generating work for thousands of people in various regions of the world.

BitCNY (bitCNY)

BitCNY is created by locking BitShares’ native token BTS up as collateral. It is ‘trustless’ in that this collateral backing can be inspected at any time on the BitShares’ blockchain, meaning ‘trust’ that equivalent fiat funds are held in a bank account somewhere is not required.

Creatanium (CMB)

The Creatanium project was launched in May 2018 as part of Singaporean blockchain firm PLMP Fintech’s vision to create platforms and opportunities for SMEs to grow their business in the region. Already in the works, the first Creatanium Smart City hosts residential, commercial and industrial facilities linked together by the firm’s latest blockchain solutions, including those already developed for the Indonesian Ministry of Transport to reshape the country’s logistics sector.

Exraya (RAYAX)

RAYAX token holders will receive trading fee discount and airdrops targeted for holders only. RAYAX tokens can also be used to pay for lending program fees, international remittance fees and listing fees. Recently EXRAYA sold out 500,000 RAYAX and raised $100,000 during the fundraising campaign.


The platform considers principles of learning from cognitive psychology, emphasizes academic honesty & integrity through its proof of study protocol, and ensures the optimization of UX (User Experience) through the implementation of the self-executing smart contracts and smart implementations to enable learners to earn privately verified Nationally Recognized and Internationally Accredited Certificates & Credentials.

Upcoming IEOs:

Karuschain (KRS)

Karuschain provides a complete chain of custody solution for the precious metals mining industry from mine to market. As a single source of accessible and up to date truth data; this technology enables miners, refiners, consumers, participants, and regulators to effectively address the industry challenges of transparency, security, full data control and true compliance within a single technology.

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