Worst Performing Major Coin Of The Day: Ripple’s XRP

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The worst performing major coin of the day is officially Ripple’s XRP while Tezos (XTZ) became the best-performing asset among the top 100 by market capitalization yesterday. Let’s read more in the Ripple XRP news today.

Though the week was extremely busy for Ripple, the recent news doesn’t seem to have a positive influence on the price of the 3rd cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Looking at the 10 coins only, Ripple is one of the three coins that dropped in the past week and the drop is the largest by far. Bitcoin dropped by 0.67 percent and Bitcoin SV by 0.03 percent. The worst performing major coin seems to be XRP which saw a 4.41% drop and it also took another plunge in the past 24 hours with a 6.33 percent drop.

Among the coins that dropped in the top 100 categories, XRP is now at the 12th place over the seven-day time frame and in the fourth place in the past 24 hours. As a matter of fact, on November 7, the altcoin saw the highest price in the last 30 days of USD 0.31 and fell by more than 6 percent the same day. It also recovered slightly and continued to fall to the current price of $0.27. There were also a number of announcements lately and moves that Ripple made especially in October.

It has seen an increase in client base by 50 percent this year only while 7 percent of those use XRP for cross-border liquidity. Recently the studies showed that while Ripple led the market since 2012, the competition between them, IBM and VISA is heating up when it comes to blockchain innovation and cross-border payments. Ripple’s Outspoken CEO Brad Garlingouse also promoted the blockchain multiple times and its services based on XRP. He also said that there are too many cryptos and that the market will be even more volatile but also that Bull Run is coming for the entire market.

Before this, Ripple rebranded the website and released a sequel to their popular crypto ad as a part of the new brand awareness campaign and it even saw the Japanese financial giant SBI holdings praising XRP and the company found that when it comes to cross-border transactions, XRP is less volatile than fiat.

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