Microsoft Launching Enterprise Minting Services


  • Microsoft has announced plans to release an enterprise ready token minting platform
  • This project was built in association with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance
  • Companies such as IBM, R3, Digital Asset are part of the program too. 

The Azure Blockchain Tokens Platform is a one stop shop for all types of enterprises to engage in the activity of providing and digitizing tokens for their everyday business purposes. The platform is built to develop definitions and scope for a common standard for tokens with interchangeable, currency-like properties or unique assets.

The platform was released during the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida. It lets enterprises to pick from an increasing set of token-creating templates that correspond to the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI).

“Azure Blockchain Tokens Preview makes deploying and managing standard tokens easier than ever. It’s built on the standards developed by the Token Taxonomy Initiative, an open consortium of blockchain industry leaders. Confidently use tokens across blockchain networks in Azure, choosing from a growing set of initiative-compliant templates developed by Microsoft and partners.�

Azure Website

This platform is being issued alongside a host of sample tokens, like REWARD token from Intel and ConsenSys or Santander’s BOND token from IBM and so on.

The senior representative also mentioned that this platform is not just Microsoft project, as many industry leader partners, including R3, IBM, Digital Asset are leading the way too. 

“The industry has suffered from an IBM versus Microsoft thing, Hyperledger versus ethereum, and so on. We are trying to break down those barriers.�

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