OKEx Dominates The Crypto Derivatives Market In Volume: Report

okex dominates

OKEx dominates the crypto futures derivatives market in regards to volume and the common trading activities in traditional financial markets which is no different when it comes to the crypto world as well as we are seeing further in the latest blockchain news.

Currently, there are a lot of platforms that offer the crypto futures trading options and the leader among them by a huge margin is currently OKEx which managed to gain the title of the world’s largest futures crypto exchange. The platform’s increase for fame is further supported by a range of featured offered to its customers and these features are designed to help them optimize the trading practices to place profitable traders while also minimizing the associated risks to an extent. Also, the most recent crypto offering on OKEx is the USDT-margined futures which went live a few days ago. Some of the features of this offering include 0.01 and 100x leverage with a value of less than 0.0001 BTC, the linear contracts and intuitive trading experience.

The crypto futures contracts on OKEx also offered a lot of flexibility for the traders’ thanks to the platform’s size, support of a lot of cryptocurrencies and the userbase. According to the sources of the company, most of the latest features, OKEx dominates by introducing the inputs and feedback received from the community. This led to a lot of developments in the past which have had a lot of bearing on the usability and profitability of the traders. Earlier this year, OKEx moved from the weekly settlements to Daily settlements in CEST time.

OKEx put a lot of thought into the platform by improving the crypto futures trading platform and the Futures and Perpetual Swap trading market data on the platform makes possible for the traders by allowing them access to crucial market info which can be used to predict the market fluctuations and make better trading decisions.  There are a lot of plans as well to develop order feature for futures trading as well as a perpetual swap trading and multiple other features requested by OKEx customers. The launch of the algo trading will open the gates for trade automation which enables the users to make more orders in time based on the market parameters that are predefined by them.

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