LATOKEN lists RES, Cubechain, GLEEC, Karuschain, DAIN

LATOKEN continues to add new tokens to the exchange. Here is what’s new: RES, Cubechain and GLEEC.

We’ve also started the following IEOs: Karuschain, DAIN.


RES is an ASIC-resistant privacy coin with rewards split four ways over Proof of Work, Proof of Research, masternodes, and project development. Proof of Research gives users the chance to contribute to real-world scientific research projects from cancer research to environmental science and earn a share of the block reward, while masternodes holders receive a percentage of the block reward for staking RES and helping to secure the network. RES is unique privacy coin that gives even novice users the opportunity to enter the crypto space in numerous ways.

Cubechain (QUBT)

Cube System has developed a unique parallel block structure called ‘CUBE’ which resolves former linear structured blockchain system’s slow transaction speed and scalability. With its 24 blocks transaction pool, it creates multiple blocks at the same time in parallel structure safely and fast. This is Cubechain.


The company already operates working products that have real potential to gain traction among users. GLEEC was designed through Bitcoin Fork for privacy-sensitive users that buy and sell products or services online. Gleec believes that blockchain technology will benefit users in an environment where privacy is protected, and intermediaries are eliminated.

Karuschain (KRS)

According to the project, participation in the token sale provides a unique opportunity for early adopters to leverage a $680 billion metals and mining market. The IEO price for KRS of $0.10 offers an early adopter premium of 30% relative to its current utility value as predicted by Karuschain’s tokenomics model.


DAIN is for AI as Airbnb is for accommodation: a decentralized computing network governed through blockchain and specialized in solving AI problems. DAIN enables you to rent the idle computational power of your devices, smartphones and computers in order to be used by companies solving AI problems. For companies, DAIN provides a safe space where they can sell, rent and share knowledge, solutions, data and infrastructure securely to create, consume and execute AI.

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