🗞 #37 – New Cryptoasset Headers + Interview w/ Nomics CEO Clay Collins

#37 – New Cryptoasset Headers + Interview w/ Nomics CEO Clay Collins

Welcome to Nomics Update, our way of keeping you in the loop with everything happening at Nomics.

We’ve just redesigned the headers of our cryptoasset pages. It’s now easier than ever to identify metrics like price, percentage gain or loss, market cap, and trading volume.

As with all Nomics.com features, timeframes are adjustable, and results can be priced in any fiat or cryptocurrency on the site.

Here’s a screenshot from our Handshake (HNS) page:

New Cryptoasset Headers

And now, the rest of your Nomics Update.

🚀 This Week At Nomics

  • #2. 🎧 Quote Currency Dominance (QCD) & Why It Matters: Flippening episode #80, Quote Currency Dominance (QCD) & Why It Matters, is live on our blog. The content is excerpted from Nomics CEO Clay Collins’ recent presentation at Consensus: Distributed. In his talk, Clay covers several topics including how stablecoins became the top quote currencies in crypto trading and why most aggregators end up doubling their volume data.
  • #3. 👀 Another Nomics.com Ticker Sighting: This week’s sighting is courtesy of Smart Bitcoin Investments, a guide for buying and storing Bitcoin (BTC). They’ve embedded our widget on their homepage: 
Widget sighting, Smart BTC

If you’ve embedded our free cryptocurrency pricing widget on your website, let us know. You might be our next Nomics.com Ticker Sighting. For more on the widget, read the announcement post.

That’s all for this week. Thank you for being part of our growing community. 🌱

Clay Collins
Nomics Co-Founder


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