🗞 #38 – Crypto Credit/Debit Card Rankings + Kraken Interview

#38 – Crypto Product Rankings

Welcome to Nomics Update, our way of keeping you in the loop with everything happening at Nomics.

We recently teamed up with Nexo.io to launch crypto’s first algorithmic product rankings. We believe these rankings will serve as valuable buyer’s guides for crypto products and services.

The launch included the following guides:

We’ve since released two more guides: Blockchain Surveillance Companies and Cryptocurrency Debit & Credit Cards.

We also added Lightning Wallets to Crypto Wallets.

We plan to release a new guide each week.

Algorithmic Crypto Product Rankings

Our rankings are set algorithmically with reputation approximated from referral links, news sites, tweets, Reddit mentions, and other sources.

For all entries, links and tweets can be examined by clicking the number of links or tweets:

Links & tweets - crypto product rankings

Rankings update every 24 hours, so be sure to visit often. And stay tuned for new best-in-crypto buyer’s guides as we make them available.

Feedback on user experience, listings, or any other issues can be sent to support@nomics.com.

For more information, read the announcement post or see these articles from Decrypt and Cointelegraph.

Now, the rest of your Nomics Update.

🚀 This Week At Nomics

  • #1. 💪 Meet Our Updated Exchange Pages: We’ve redesigned our cryptocurrency exchange pages. The new version has a cleaner visual hierarchy and offers a better mobile browsing experience.

    It also displays similar exchanges by volume. Here’s a screenshot from our Deribit page:
Deribit Similar Exchanges

In addition, we’ve changed how we calculate quote currency dominance (QCD). We no longer use percentage of markets quoted. Instead, we use percentage of volume traded. From our OKEx page:


For more on QCD (what it is & why it matters), try Flippening #80 with Nomics CEO Clay Collins – from his Consensus: Distributed presentation on the topic.

  • #2. 📆 Full Historical Data for Cryptoassets & Markets: Our asset and markets pages now include full historical data. Previously, we only shared data for the selected time interval – day, week, month, year, etc.

    Because these lists can be quite large, we also added a pagination feature.

    Check out this example from our Tezos (XTZ) page:
Historical OHLCV data, Tezos
  • #3. 📈 Nomics Integrates Loopring, Crypcore & UKEX: This week, we added three more crypto exchanges to our website and market data API.

    Loopring was added with a “C” Transparency Rating for offering recent candle data. Crypcore was added with a “D” rating for providing only low-granularity, non-historical ticker information.

    UKEX, which completed a “deep data integration,” was added as an A+ Verified Exchange. This means that we’ve vetted UKEX’s trade history and verify that it meets the highest standards of reliability, consistency, and data integrity.

    To learn about our rating system, read the following essay.
  • #4. 🎧 Boosting Bitcoin by Improving Exchanges: Flippening episode #82, Boosting Bitcoin by Improving Exchanges, is live on our blog. We’re joined by Jesse Powell, co-founder and CEO of Kraken, a top-10 crypto exchange and one of the first legitimate enterprises in the space. We look at the evolution of exchanges (more on that here) plus Kraken’s brand, future plans, and relationship with regulators.
  • #5. 👀 Another Nomics.com Ticker Sighting: This week’s sighting is courtesy of Bitcoin Aruba, a crypto news site and guide to buying Bitcoin (BTC) in Aruba. On desktop, they have our widget in the sidebar. On mobile, it’s one of the first items to appear:
Widget sighting, Bitcoin Aruba

If you’ve embedded our free cryptocurrency pricing widget on your website, let us know. You might be our next Nomics.com Ticker Sighting. For more on the widget, read the announcement post.

That’s all for this week. Thank you for being part of our growing community. 🌱

Clay Collins
Nomics Co-Founder


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