Credits Blockchain Payment System Launches Two Mobile Apps

The Credits Blockchain payment system just launched two new mobile wallet apps for both Android and iOS users- the CS Crypto Wallet and the Credits Neobank. The company’s expertise enables it to understand better how the apps work providing a multi-functional service as we are about to learn more about it in our blockchain news.

Credits Neobank, the mobile payment wallet incorporates instant transfers using fiat and crypto assets with competitive fees. The app requires fulfilling a few steps before usage which provides users with a full-fledged legal field and security features including:

  • KYC protocol with photo ID and personal information
  • Instant transfers by email, barcode, and number
  • Transaction history
  • Account registration via phone or email

credits wallets

CS Crypto Wallet is a fully decentralized application that is implemented based on the company’s blockchain technology, supporting CS coins and tokens issued on the Credits blockchain payments system. The wallet includes:

  • Instant token transfer
  • Safe storage
  • QR code transfer
  • Anonymity
  • Generation of public and private keys

The Credits management if focused on the popularization of CS products on the EU market because it is a solid direction for the growth of the company and the expansion goals on the global markets. Being connected with the outlined plan, the company will start to complement the functionality of the applications by implementing the VISA and Mastercard Savings, SEPA accounts, purchases of BTC and ETH by card, and much more.

Credits Blockchain Platform informed the crypto community about its entry on the European Crypto market. Thanks to the speedy expansion because of partnership agreements and refined tech products, the blockchain platform Credits, got a new license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and peer to peer services. According to the announcement, the main legislative innovation for some of the countries in the European Union is the establishment of special permission or license which allows crypto-based businesses to perform crypto exchange operations, including exchange for traditional or fiat money. One of these companies is the Credits blockchain platform which aims its activities at using blockchain technology in IT solutions and businesses by using autonomous smart contracts.

Credits is open-source and it is also a decentralized blockchain platform that executes and develops smart contracts and decentralized applications. The project provides private and public solutions that are suitable for B2B markets eliminating the issues with trust and uncertainty. The great thing about the platform is its high-speed decentralized blockchain platform that is intended to develop smart contracts but also decentralized applications.

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