Ethereum Classic Blockchain Likely Under Attack By Single Miner

The Ethereum Classic blockchain is likely under attack as the network went down for maintenance as the diagnosis report explained what happened so let’s try and find out in the Ethereum classic news.

A few figures associated with the Ethereum Classic blockchain wrote on Twitter to inform the community of multiple issues with the ETC blockchain. Among the first was the Ethereum classic foundation member Hudson James stated that “exchanges have to pause deposits and withdrawals.” The official Twitter page of ETC James Wo, the founder of Ethereum Classic labs confirmed the issue. The Diagnosis report was released to explain what happened but they did however identify the miner but it was not clear if it was a deliberate attack on the network.

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The report added that the miners will continue mining the chain “as-is” adding that the transactions issued during the previous day were possibly not mined in the same order they were supposed to but they will obviously be re-submitted back into the mempool as the Ethereum Classic blockchain is likely under attack. As suggested by the solutions provider Bitfly, the reorganization of the network of 3693 blocks took place at the block 10904146 and according to the message:

 “This caused all state pruned nodes to stop syncing.”

Reorg is a built-in feature in the blockchain that will allow to roll back the network but if malicious miners manage to do a 51% of the hash power which can split the network double-spend or erase the previous transactions. At the beginning of 2019, there was a 51% attack on the ETC network that happened and raised concerns about a proof-of-work mining model.

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ETC Split Diagnosis (Source:

As per the recent reports, Ethereum Classic miners now have the ability to configure their rigs and to mine Zilliqa. is providing the mining instructions page for dual mining for Ethereum Classic miners while at the same time, ETC/USD pair price went up while the rest of the coins in the market faced bearish correction. ETC miners can now configure their rigs and will be able to mine Zilliqa as well. The mining of ETC and Zilliqa will automatically be switched between the two blockchains using a set period of time. Once you are able to connect to the pool, the team will redirect you to one of the biggest and most profitable pools, before the start of the ZIL Round will automatically get your RIG to ZIL mining.

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