CYBAVO to Support Bitcoin SV Across Suite of Enterprise Products

CYBAVO, a “digital currency security and asset management firm,” has revealed it would now be supporting Bitcoin SV on all of its product suite, according to a press release.

The platform offers “a range of services for businesses to securely store and manage their digital assets, including private key storage, enterprise management services and digital currency custody solutions,” the release also notes.

This is lead by CYBAVO Vault, the platform’s storage and wallet management space for enterprise customers. That vault will support Bitcoin SV, of course, as the asset has been going up in engagement over the past months.

“Through unbounded scaling, its blockchain offers low-fee peer-to-peer payment transactions and greater data capacity, enabling advanced functionalities such as tokens, smart contracts and IoT communications, as well as enterprise applications. The Bitcoin SV ecosystem has grown to now count more than 428 known projects and ventures,” the release reads.

Speaking on the matter is Paul Fan, the CEO of CYBAVO, who said:

‘Bitcoin SV aims to broaden the adoption of blockchain for enterprise use cases.. At CYBAVO, we share the same vision of scalable and business-ready blockchain solutions that spark adoption by enterprises and the general public, so it is only logical for us to add Bitcoin SV support to our digital asset custody platform CYBAVO VAULT and our mobile wallet SDK.’

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