Post Malone’s Manager Joined The Crypto Platform Fyooz: Report

Post Malone’s manager Andre Jackson or Dre London, will now join social money platform Fyozz as an advisor as we read more in today’s crypto news.

Post Malone’s manager is getting into the crypto space and he will advise Fyooz which a social money platform. Fyooz paid the rapper Lil Yachty for the honor of joining as well. Social Money platform Fyooz just onboarded another high-profile music legend, Dre London, the manager for Grammy-awarded rapper Post Malone and Tyga as well. Dre London will join the platform as an advisor:

 “With my vision, I hope to forge a new access asset class that can revolutionize the whole entertainment business. As awful as the pandemic has been, we have to find new innovative ways to engage our fans again.”

Andre Jackson is the second high profile person that joined the crypto space after rapper Lil Yachty joined earlier this month. He clarified in a tweet that Fyooz paid him for the new partnership. Dre London has about 165,000 followers on Instagram and he will reportedly be compensated for the role. Fyooz is a platform that mints crypto assets in the name of a musician or an athlete that will join the platform. The direct competitor is Roll which is a social money platform co-founded by the former Coindesk analyst Bradley Miles.


Dre London found Fyooz as the prospect of looking out for a new value from the music industry which was hit hard by the rise of streaming platforms that are paying the artist a small piece of the profits and the pandemic which ended lucrative international tours for now. In our recent celebrity-related news, The Oscar-winning actor Johnny Depp has signed a contract in which he aims to support the platform in providing social entertainment. The platform, on the other hand, will be rewarding users in tokens for interacting with certain content such as movies and games.

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